PUSH FOR IT – Beginners Guide to Pushups

PUSH FOR IT – Beginners Guide to Pushups

The only pushup you cannot do is the one that you never tried to do.

Bench press? Great. Cable crossover? Awesome. Dumbbells? Guaranteed chest pump. But what if you can’t access any of these gears? Still you can build strength, blast your chest, stimulate growth or get that hourglass figure. Because you can still do pushups. 

If you are looking for a consistent workout routine, pushups ae a great choice. Adopt a regular routine, and you are more likely to notice improvement in your upper body strength. Traditional pushups are beneficial for building strength in the upper body. They help work your triceps, shoulders and pectoral muscles. Done properly, can also help strengthen the core by engaging the abdominal muscles. 

Mastering the perfect pushup

Key to getting the most of your pushup training is maximizing the workout and working through a full range of motion without cheating on any rep. While there are several things to focus on, we would recommend you three.

  1. Pushups start with a perfect plank position. Squeeze your abs tight and do not let your core to sag towards the floor. 
  2. Spread your fingers firmly on the ground for stability. Keep your neck in line with your spine. This allows you to maintain control over the movement. 
  3. Inhale down and exhale up. Use your breath to help you push further and harder. 

Think it’s too complicated? Follow these simple steps and uplift your spirit of workouts.

  • Kneel on the mat and bring your feet together behind you.
  • Bend forward in a high plank, palms flat on the mat, hands shoulder width apart. Keep your back flat and abs pulled in. 
  • Slowly lower your body towards the floor. Keep your torso rigid and head aligned with your spine. 
  • Lower yourself until your chest touches the ground. 
  • Now press upwards with your arms and continue pressing until you are back in the plank position. 


  • Just like any other resistance workout, pushups strengthen the bones particularly from the wrists to shoulders. It improves bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. 
  • Though they are not cardio workouts, pushups activate blood circulation and improve cardiovascular health. 
  • Pushups may not burn many calories like aerobic exercises, but helps to speed up metabolism and build muscle. 
  • Pushups work multiple muscle groups at the same time and can increase overall muscle definition. 


Once you are engaged in a regular routine and every day, after sometime your body will no longer be challenged. This is called ‘plateauing’ wherein your body will no longer get the same benefits from your existing workout. During the course of time, your muscles; when they are stressed, adapt and improve their function. So, for better results you can involve in a ‘Pushup Challenge’ and increase the number of pushups and also its variations gradually. 



Strict (Military) Push-up

These are similar to that of the standard pushups, difference being that you keep your arms close to the body throughout the range of motion. These push-ups emphasize on working your triceps and lats. Strengthens the upper body, primarily the shoulders, chest, triceps as well as the back and core muscles. 

Wall pushup

Wall pushups strengthen the chest (pectoral muscles), arms, core muscles and shoulders without putting excess weight on the upper body. This also helps to prepare the body for other advanced variants. 

Knee Push-Ups

Knee push-ups are great for beginners. They work on the shoulders, chest (pectorals) and biceps. This workout engages your core and maintain proper form and is crucial for moving to advanced push-ups. 

Inclined push-up

This is slightly tougher compared to the wall and knee pushups. Inclined push-ups are generally performed on a gym bench, sofa or a sturdy chair with hands positioned higher than the feet. Helps to improve the upper body muscular strength and prepares the body for a full plank. 

Triangle (Diamond) Push-ups

An advanced variation of the standard ones, diamond push-ups target the chest and triceps while also strengthening the core and shoulders. By bringing your hands in form of a triangle, the bodyweight is shifted to the triceps instead of chest and shoulders making it one of the best workouts for triceps.

Spiderman (Side Kick) Push-ups

Ready to take the game up to the next level? Try Spiderman pushups. This is a mix of spider man lunges and push-ups and work on your core and upper body. It strengthens the abdominal muscles, specially the oblique muscles at the sides of your belly, glutes, hamstrings and quads. They also help to target your love handles, triceps and chest. 

Pike Push-ups

These are an advanced variation of push-ups and strengthens the chest and upper back while also working on the shoulders, biceps, triceps and core. Retaining the pike position while also working on the push-ups is the real challenge here. 


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