Amidst your busy lifestyle, and when you do not have adequate time to cook an elaborate meal, snacks can be useful when hunger hits you. The key here is to choose snacks that are nutritious and high in protein.


High-protein snacks have less calories and is high in other nutrients. Body digests them slowly and keeps one fuller for longer. Once you take a protein powered meal or snack, you will not feel ravenous at least for 45 minutes. The amino acids present in protein take time to get absorbed into the body. When appetite suppressing hormones are released, digestion is slowed, blood sugar levels remain stable.  

In addition to this, protein also supports various bodily activities by helping in gaining muscle mass, and improving the performance of the immune system. Ever experienced the annoying wave of sluggishness in the mid-afternoon? Consuming protein either in the meal or as a snack helps to keep the energy levels constant making your lethargy to disappear. 

We have curated a list of snacks for you that are healthy and protein rich. 

 Mixed Nuts

Nuts are a great snack, easy to store and easy to pack when you are on the go. Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients. Dry fruits and nuts can be combined together to make a trail mix. The amount of trail you consume at a time needs to be checked since it may contain lots of calories. 

Mix about 10 almonds, 25 pistachios, 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds, 7 walnut halves, and a few raisins or dark chocolate chips.

Gives: 13 g Protein

Toasted Quinoa

Quinoa is a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids that our body cannot make on its own. Apart from protein, quinoa is also a rich source of phosphorus, manganese, folate Vitamin B1 and magnesium. 

Mix 1/3 cup quinoa with 1 tablespoon shredded coconut, 1 tablespoon maple syrup, and 1/2 tablespoon ground flax. Toast for about 10 minutes.

Gives: 9.5 g Protein

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have an impressive nutrition profile. They are rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. These seeds are also a natural source of magnesium and healthy levels of magnesium is required for bone and heart health and for blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

Take 1 cup of pumpkin seeds. Separate seeds from the pulp, rinse, and dry. Toss it with 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon curry powder, and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Roast on lightly greased pan for 20 to 30 minutes.

Gives: 11 g Protein

Chia Pods

Chia seeds make an excellent source of protein making them a great addition to any vegetarian or vegan diet. Chia seeds contain all nine essential amino acids that cannot be made by our body. The type you need for energy production and immune function. Apart from this they are also loaded with calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Soak 2 tablespoons chia seeds in 1/2 cup almond milk with 1/2 tablespoon honey. Chill for 4 hours. 

Gives: 4.9 g Protein

Hummus dipper

Hummus is easy to make, tasty and a good source of protein. Pulse chickpeas and tahini together in a food processor, or pick your favourite flavour from the grocery store. Classic hummus has a creamy texture with a bit of garlic flavour. Adding a dash of lemon juice helps to brighten the flavour. 

Add 1/2 cup hummus in the bottom, stick in a bunch of vegetable spears (carrots, celery, and snow peas will make a great mix), cover it and your on-the-go power snack is ready. Make the most of your mason jar. 

Tip: Throw in a plastic spoon to get the last of the hummus.

Gives: 10 g Protein

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a nutritious snack when roasted. They can also be combined with other ingredients to make delicious variations. It is loaded with protein and fiber. Minerals like potassium and magnesium are also present in chickpeas making is heart healthy. 

Preheat oven to 450°F (232°C). Toss 1 cup cooked chickpeas with 1 tablespoon olive oil and a pinch of salt. Then sprinkle with cayenne pepper to taste. Roast on a lightly greased sheet pan for 30 to 40 minutes.

Gives: 11.9 g Protein

Grape and Cheese sticks

A sweet and savory combination of cheese with grapes. Yummy, rich in protein and with a punch of fiber also gives you long lasting energy. They look beautiful, easy to carry and almost all of us certainly would have enjoyed the taste. 

Dice aound 30g cheddar cheese into cubes (you should end up with about 6) and alternate the cubes with grapes on toothpicks.

Gives: 7 g Protein


A sweet sophistication that is also protein loaded making a nutritious, balanced meal. Can be made in about 5 minutes or less and is also easy to carry. Soooo good and a perfect option for quick and easy breakfast. 

A transparent container will make a good visual appeal. Take ½ cup of Greek yogurt and 2 tablespoons of fruits; diced. Add alternate layers of yogurt and fruits. Drizzle honey and sprinkle 2 tablespoons of cereal on this treat that is high protein and probiotics. 

Gives: 10g Protein

Whey91 Protein Bars

Nutritional bars are a convenient way to get protein into your diet. When choosing your protein bar, be mindful of the ingredients. Whey91 Protein Bars are clean and dense with protein and nutrition. Each Whey91 Protein Bar gives you 20g of Premium Protein and 3g dietary fiber. The bars are also powered with immunity enhancing Lactoferrin, a super protein found in mother’s milk and bovine milk. And that’s not all. They do not have any artificial flavours or sweeteners making them a healthy choice. 

Gives: 20 g Protein per bar

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