• Signs of nutrition deficiency and how to fix it

    Signs of nutrition deficiency and how to fix it

    Strolling past the drug store shelves, looking at the flashy labels and claims while also wondering “Am I getting enough nutrients?” Big containers with bright coloured pills and even candy-like gummies, difficult to resist the appeal of these, right? But if you are generally healthy and also adapt a healthy diet rich in nutrients along with a regular workout regime there would be no...
  • PUSH FOR IT – Beginners Guide to Pushups

    PUSH FOR IT – Beginners Guide to Pushups

    The only pushup you cannot do is the one that you never tried to do. Bench press? Great. Cable crossover? Awesome. Dumbbells? Guaranteed chest pump. But what if you can’t access any of these gears? Still you can build strength, blast your chest, stimulate growth or get that hourglass figure. Because you can still do pushups.  If you are looking for a consistent workout...


    You can’t make everyone happy, unless you are peanut butter!  Picture this – a mid-afternoon and you are feeling that slump; eyes are drooping, brain feels foggy and you have a load of work to do. Before you reach out to a caffeine fix, have you considered having a peanut butter powered healthy snack? Peanut butter gives you an awesome source of energy due...


    What to eat before a workout to avoid fat and build muscle.  We all want to get the best out of our fitness regime, right? So, we look for ways to improve our performance and achieve our fitness goals. Good choice of nutrition taken in adequate amount improves endurance during workout and also helps the body to recover faster after each workout.  Taking the...
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