PROTEIN BARS – Balanced nutrition for everyday performance

PROTEIN BARS – Balanced nutrition for everyday performance

Wanting to increase your protein intake but caught in two minds about it? Well, here is your  ultimate guide.  

When given a choice between a glass of milk and a protein bar, which one would you choose?  Generally, most of us tend to pick up the glass of milk. And why is that? Most of us would feel  that this is enough to meet the protein and nutrient needs in a day. One can skip their protein  supplements if they follow a balanced diet and have been carefully calculating their daily protein  requirement and also getting them through a mix of nuts, dairy, meat etc. But don’t shoo away  the protein bars, your body might be falling short of protein requirement.  


Did you know if we exclude water and fat, the human body is made up almost entirely of protein?  It is the main component of muscles, bones, organs, skin, and nails. Looking to be in top shape?  Eat protein. Want immunity? Eat protein. Trying to fight hunger for longer? Eat protein. 

High protein food is great for you, agreed. But, protein is not taken in isolation unless it is a  supplement. When we add protein rich food in our diet, along with protein, it also comes with  other nutrients. Sources of protein; for instance; fish such as salmon not only provides protein  but is also a source of omega-3 fats which is good. Tofu; along with protein is also a good source  of calcium, magnesium Vitamin B and iron. But there are other foods, which; along with protein  also come with saturated fats and cholesterol. So, how does one strike a perfect balance with  their nutrition needs? Protein rich nutrition bars are loaded with a blend of proteins making it  the perfect means to your everyday protein requirements.  


A healthy routine is a balance of diet and exercise, but sticking to a set diet is difficult. Unhealthy  cravings are only human, but giving into those cravings is not going to help. When you find  yourself craving for food that is not boiled veggies or fruits, protein bars are the right choice. 

Benefits of Picking the Right Protein Bar

Your daily protein requirement is met 

Getting enough proteins is vital for health. Macronutrients like proteins greatly enhance our  immunity. Protein bars are an easy, simple and convenient way to boost daily protein intake. It  provides a sustained release of energy throughout the day while also controlling sugar spikes.  

Energy source during busy days 

Endless zoom calls lined up throughout the day? No time for elaborate food before an important  meeting? Need an energy boost for the shopping run? Skipping meals might save time, but will  cost you your fitness goals. Grab a protein bar during those busy days to keep your energy  boosted while also getting balanced nutrition.  

Pre workout nourishment 

Salad? Smoothie? Or something else? This one is for those who are unable to make up their mind  about what to eat before heading to the gym. Protein bars make good nutrition and help the body to perform better during workout. They not only help to maximize performance but also  help to minimize muscle damage.  

Post workout nutrition 

If you had the ability to pull yourself out of bed, put on your workout gear and complete your  workout routine successfully, don’t eat everything that comes in front of your eyes post workout  just because you are hungry. Relish on a high protein bar after workout to instantly satisfy your  post workout cravings.  

Guilt free snacking 

Choose your snacking options wisely. They might turn out to be a ticking time bomb. Choice of  snacks is a trouble? Opt for healthier alternatives. Choose protein bars that does not contain  sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.  


Understanding protein may be complicated, but the basics are quite simple. Getting to know  about the common myths out there related to protein will only set you up for success. This will 

not only help you in consuming a wholesome diet, but will also help to impress your friends and  teach them something new. 

Only people who lift heavy weights need protein supplements 

A common myth that gets propagated for generations. About 84% Indians have protein  deficiency (Source: IDA). And most of them are even unaware about their protein requirements.  Protein is an essential nutrient for everyone that supports a healthy immune system, may  regulate blood glucose and play a role in body composition. 

Everyone needs 60 g of protein a day 

One does not eat as much food as their friend or neighbour. Recommended Dietary Allowance  (RDA) for protein is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. (Source: 

High content in protein bars and protein shakes make it taste awful 

Protein shakes and bars may taste bad due to the presence of artificial sweeteners, or because  of an issue with the texture. But things have changed and thankfully for the yummy. Try Whey91  Protein Bars with delicious Choco Fudge flavour! 

Body stores protein to use it later 

Our body does not store protein the way it stores carbs and fat. That is why a steady supply of  protein is required every day.  

Whey91 Protein Bars come in handy with 60 g bars (20 g protein per bar) and available in  multipacks to suit your needs. Order them here.

Know more about Whey Protein and its benefits here.

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