SURVIVAL FITNESS: Training For The Zombie Apocalypse

SURVIVAL FITNESS: Training For The Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine you are in a world where the undead roam and chaos reigns. Your fitness level could mean the difference between life and death. While the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse may seem slim, using it as a unique and motivating theme for a workout routine can make your fitness regimen exciting and engaging. Whether you're a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction or just looking for a creative way to stay in shape, this workout routine will have you prepared to outpace, out climb, and out lift any zombie threat that comes your way.


Overview: Cardiovascular endurance is essential for escaping hordes of zombies. This workout simulates the adrenaline-pumping experience of fleeing from undead pursuers.


Zombie Sprints:  Mark out a short sprinting distance. Alternate between 30-second sprints and 30-second walking or slow jogging to simulate intense bursts of escaping zombies. Repeat for 10 cycles.

Stair Climbs: Find a set of stairs or use a stair climber machine. Climb rapidly for 2 minutes, then descend slowly for 1 minute. Repeat for 3 sets.

Jump Rope Madness: Jump rope for 1 minute at a high intensity, followed by 30 seconds of rest. Repeat for 5 sets.

Hill Runs: If you have access to a hill, sprint uphill for 1 minute, then walk back down for recovery.

Repeat for 5 rounds.


Overview: In a zombie-ridden world, you'll encounter various obstacles that require agility and strength to overcome. This workout focuses on developing your ability to navigate through barriers.


Climbing Practice: Find a rock climbing wall or create your own makeshift wall using sturdy objects. Practice your climbing skills for 20 minutes, focusing on different routes to simulate escaping zombies.

Agility Drills: Set up cones or markers in a zigzag pattern. Practice quick footwork by weaving through the markers as fast as possible. Perform for 3 minutes, rest for 1 minute, and repeat for 3 sets.

Balance Training: Find a narrow beam or use tape to create a straight line on the ground. Walk along it heel-to-toe for 1 minute without stepping off. As you progress, try walking faster or even hopping.

Under and Over: Place obstacles like cones or hurdles in a line. Crawl under the first obstacle, then jump over the next one. Repeat this pattern for 10 sets.


Overview: Lifting and carrying heavy objects will be a common task in a zombie apocalypse scenario. This workout enhances your functional strength for hauling "survival" gear.


Sandbag Carries: Fill a sandbag with an appropriate weight. Carry it on your shoulders for a 5-minute walk or until fatigue. Rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 sets.

Kettlebell Lifts: Hold a kettlebell in each hand or fill two buckets with sand or water. Squat down, lift them, and stand up, engaging your legs and core. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps.

Tire flips:  A dynamic test of strength and full-body power. Lifting and flipping heavy tires engages muscles from head to toe, fostering explosive strength. This functional exercise is a favorite among athletes and fitness enthusiasts for its ability to mimic real-world movements and deliver impressive results.

Backpack Loading: Load a backpack with weight (books, rocks, or sandbags). Wear it while doing bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups.

Preparing for a zombie apocalypse might be an unconventional fitness goal, but it brings a sense of fun and excitement to your workouts. This routine not only keeps you physically fit but also mentally engaged as you imagine yourself in the midst of a thrilling survival scenario. Remember, while zombies might not be real, the benefits of improved cardiovascular endurance, agility, and functional strength certainly are. So lace up your shoes, gather your "survival" gear, and start training – because in a world overrun by the undead, the fittest are the ones who survive.

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