Healthy Protein Desserts

Healthy Protein Desserts

You’d think we are lying if we tell you desserts are healthy. Desserts are desserts after all, loaded with sugar. But instead of cutting them from the diet altogether choose healthy options, like protein desserts that can even help prevent a sugar crash. Protein is as essential nutrient for muscle building, helps the body to produce important hormones.

Desserts are not only delicious, but also helps to keep a balanced diet. One can get their daily serving of fruits from fruit smoothies and fruit pies. Desserts like parfaits and cheese cakes provide good quantity of calcium and protein.

Protein is one of the nutrients that help grow, shape, repair, and maintain every cell in our body, even our blood cells and DNA. It is also an essential component of hormones, enzymes, and other chemicals we produce to live and function normally. It even plays a role in your immune system and digesting your food. Basically, protein is very important for overall wellness, fitness and a healthy lifestyle

Here are some protein desserts to end your meal on a sweet note. 

Healthy Home-Made Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bark using Whey 91 Protein Bar

Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bark
To make the bark, simply melt some quality dark  chocolate and spread it on parchment. Top it generously with chunks of Whey 91 protein bar, dried fruit and nuts of your choice and sprinkle some flaky sea salt on top. Refrigerate until the chocolate sets, then break into shards. It is an easy, festive and impressive dessert you can whip up in no time.



Healthy Home-Made Blueberry Granola Yogurt Bowl

Blueberry Granola Yogurt Bowl 

Topped with fresh juicy blueberries, crunchy granola and almond butter, this bowl is a quick, easy and healthy breakfast or a snack and takes only a few minutes to whip up. Seasonal toppings can be added for tasty variations. Just add a scoop of yogurt, fresh berries, granola and nut butter.



Healthy Home-made Energy Balls

Energy Balls
Sweet no bake treats that take minutes to throw together and filled with good-for-you ingredients. All you need is oats, nut butter, sticky liquid sweetner like honey, and mix in like chia seeds. Chopped dry fruits or dark chocolate can be added for taste. Pile it into a bowl and press them with your hands.


Without being able to enjoy desserts life is just not the same. Choose healthy desserts that will get you through sugar cravings. A healthier track easier than you thought.


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