Did you know about 93% of the Indian population is unaware of the ideal protein requirement? In addition, about 84% of Indians have protein deficiency (Source: IDA).  That’s approximately four out of five people, so if it’s not us, it could be you! That is definitely an alarming statistic. 

Protein has been largely overlooked and ignored in daily diets and this needs to change.  In India, 0.8 to 1 gm of protein per kg body weight is an apt nutritional requirement. (Source: ICMR). You need to become aware of the effects of protein deficiency as it can cause many problems to your health which can affect your daily living.

Telling signs of low protein intake

Continued Fatigue

If you constantly feel tired, fatigued, or your energy levels are low at the end of the day, this could be a sign of low protein and inadequate nutrition. Facing fatigue on a daily basis can lower your productivity and affect the quality of your work as well. 

Poor Endurance Levels

People with low protein intake often find it difficult to move from one task to another during the course of the day. From starting the day off with work to attending to household chores and social responsibilities, they tend to get exhausted and burned out more easily. Due to this, they end up having to take small breathers in between the day.

Weak Muscles

Low levels of protein have a direct impact on the strength of your muscles. This is because muscles are fueled by a supply of protein which enables them to function properly. A lack of protein forces them to take protein from the skeletal muscles and this causes muscle wasting over time. Muscle wasting means that your muscle mass decreases, causing the muscles to become weak.

Hair, Skin and Nail Issues

Your hair, skin and nails are all made up of different types of protein like keratin, collagen and elastin. So, naturally, a lack of protein will cause them to become weak and brittle which can result in the thinning of your hair, brittle nails, flaky skin etc.

Whey protein bar is an easy solution to improve protein levels

Whey protein bar is a simple and easy solution to get your daily protein intake. But before we jump into the benefits of protein bars, you need to know exactly what whey protein is.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein concentrate is achieved during the process of curdling milk in cheese making and separating the whey protein from the remaining liquid. This concentrate is one of the healthiest forms of protein to exist and contains all nine essential amino acids that our body needs. 

During any physical activity, our muscle cells tend to break down and cause damage to the muscles. The amino acids present in protein help rebuild and repair these muscle tissues. The benefit of low fat whey protein bars is that they are easily digestible and absorbed into the body. 

Benefits of whey protein bars

Here are some benefits of whey protein bars that you’ve been missing out on:


Convenient and Portable 

One of the best benefits of low fat whey protein bars is that; they are convenient as they easily fit into your bag, and you can carry them with you wherever you go, be it your office or the gym. If you’re wondering when to eat these low fat whey protein bars, it is recommended that you consume them after an intense workout or any strenuous physical activity. However, you can consume them at any time of the day as well.

Boosts Immunity 

Good immunity levels are all about consuming a well-rounded diet. Hence, if our muscles are not receiving enough nutrition, we tend to get weak and fatigued and our immunity levels drop. Whey91 Protein Bars will surely help bridge the gap in the lack of protein in your diet. It contains 20gms of protein and it is also filled with an evolutionary ingredient called Lactoferrin, known for its amazing immunity-boosting capabilities. 

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Protein helps us to feel fuller for longer. This lowers your need to constantly grab a quick snack or some sweet bites that can tamper with your blood sugar levels. High protein diets have been shown to improve the regulation of glucose in the body, thus helping you control your blood sugar levels. Whey91 Protein Bars are low fat in nature as they do not contain any added sugar. 

If you think your diet is lacking protein, don’t be alarmed. With a steady protein intake, you can avoid all those problems and lead a comfortable and healthy life. Take your first steps to improve your health today with the amazing benefits of low fat protein bars.

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