Habits That Cause Stained Teeth And How To Reduce It

Habits That Cause Stained Teeth And How To Reduce It

White teeth and healthy smile is on everyone’s wish list. But sometimes our teeth get stained and we can’t control it. Teeth stains are quite common. The good news? Many of these stains are treatable. Know about the causes of teeth stains and how to keep your pearly whites looking their best.

What are teeth stains?

The outer layer of the teeth contains several pores called tubules. These tubules can trap stain particles causing teeth stain or discoloration over a period of time. One can eliminate or prevent them by making certain lifestyle changes or by adapting a regular oral hygiene routine.


Food and Drink Your favourite dishes might be doing more than just providing fuel and nutrition. Food and drinks with dark pigment and high acidic content may cause teeth stains. Red wine, coffee, berries including blackberries, grapes, blueberries and fruits like pomegranates, vegetables like beet, tomato based sauces, certain sweets and candies with coloured dyes are some of the culprits. Tiny organic particles can penetrate the small pores in the teeth and remain there. If the teeth have high porosity; this may cause persistent stains. Regularly sipping sugar laden cola can cause discolouration in the teeth.

Tobacco Products Tobacco stains are the result of smoking pipes, cigars, cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Nicotine which is basically colourless but gives a yellowish shade in the presence of oxygen and tar which is naturally dark are the two ingredients present in tobacco that affects the colour of the teeth.

Poor dental hygiene When we do not follow a regular oral hygiene routine, plaque builds on the teeth and over the time, it changes the way enamel looks due to demineralization and tooth decay.

Medications There are certain medications that may cause stains on the teeth; some being temporary and others causing permanent stains. Temporary stains can be polished off with OTC solutions or during dental cleanings.

Ageing As we get older, teeth naturally starts looking darker than before and this is normal. The white enamel that protects the teeth degrades gradually exposing the yellow layers of dentin underneath.

Excessive Fluoride Ingesting too much fluoride can result in hypermineralization (too much minerals) causing white or greyish streaks on the teeth’s surface. Severe fluorosis may cause dark brown spots or pits on the teeth.


No one likes to look into the mirror and find stained teeth smiling back at them. Making few lifestyle changes and choosing their oral care products wisely will help to avoid this.

Adapt a regular oral routine Brushing the teeth twice a day is essential to remove plaque and cavities. Floss between the teeth daily. 

Stain removing toothpaste Choose oral care products with the right ingredients Oral care products with the right ingredients can help to remove stains from the teeth while also protecting its enamel from damage.

  1. SHMP (Sodium hexametaphosphate) SHMP is a clean, non-toxic phosphate. SHMP prevents staining and eliminates remaining stains, due to its strong capacity for the adsorption of tooth minerals and desorption of pellicle proteins containing stains. (Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov).
  1. Covarine Blue This is a pigment when deposited on the teeth’s surface causes a colour shift that induces an increase in the perception of tooth whiteness. (Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov). Stain removing toothpastes containing Covarine Blue can have an immediate effect on the teeth. This ingredient on the toothpaste adheres to the surface of the teeth and creates an optical illusion that makes the teeth appear less yellow.
  1. Nano Hydroxyapatite Nano Hydroxyapatite has a strong ability to bond with proteins, as well as with fragments of plaque and bacteria, when contained in toothpastes. This is due to the size of the Nano particles. It remineralizes teeth by refilling lost minerals like calcium and phosphate. It helps to repair teeth damaged by cavities while also preventing cavities by  breaking down the cavities before it reaches the tooth enamel.
  1. Lactoferrin This is a multifunctional protein that is originally found in mother’s milk, bovine milk, and other body fluids like saliva and tears. Rich in Antimicrobial properties, it supports your oral health by strengthening the defensive power of your saliva, fighting off harmful bacteria, and promoting the growth of good bacteria with its ability to absorb iron. Because of its natural properties, it is safe to use across age groups.

Dente91 Anti-Stain Expert is the first of its kind Toothpaste that reduces 63% teeth stains and whitens teeth by 80% in just 3 days by brushing twice daily. It has a unique combination of ingredients including SHMP, Covarine Blue, Lactoferrin and Nano Hydroxyapatite offering reduction in stains, teeth whitening in addition to remineralizing teeth while also giving Antimicrobial protection.

Its effectiveness, specificity and safety aspects not only reduces the risk of oral diseases but further enhances overall biological equilibrium within the oral cavity.  



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