Nano Hydroxyapatite – The Gold Standard ingredient in Oral Care

Nano Hydroxyapatite – The Gold Standard ingredient in  Oral Care

Our teeth constantly undergo demineralization and remineralization. Dental enamel is the hardest substance in our body, but it can wear away over the period of time.  Ageing, eating habits, injuries and other lifestyle habits can chip away the teeth  enamel. Once gone, it’s not possible to bring it back, but one can always strengthen  the teeth by increasing its mineral content. This process is called remineralization.  Hydroxyapatite helps in remineralization of the teeth.  

What is Hydroxyapatite? 

Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring and biocompatible mineral occurring in our  teeth, bones and saliva. Teeth is composed of several layers. The top and hard outer  layer is known as enamel. Enamel is comprised of the mineral calcium phosphate,  arranged in a crystal structure known as hydroxyapatite. The layer underneath enamel is called dentin. Likewise, below the gum line, there is another layer called  cementum. These tissues are composed of inorganic and organic substances. The  inorganic substances are made of phosphate and calcium ions that create  hydroxyapatite crystals. These crystals allow us to withstand the forces of chewing,  crunching etc.  

Hydroxyapatite makes 97% of our tooth enamel, 60% of our bones and 70% of our  dentin. It is the main component of enamel, which gives an appearance of bright  white and eliminates the diffuse reflectivity of light by closing the small pores of the  enamel surface.

A secret from the NASA 

Did you know, during their mission to space, astronauts used to suffer  demineralization of the teeth in the absence of gravity? In 1970s, NASA scientists  proposed a novel repairing material called hydroxyapatite. Scientists realized that  synthesized hydroxyapatite mimicked the very structure of the tooth and utilized  this amazing property to the benefit of the astronauts. This led to natural repair and  remineralization of the loss which turned out to be a breakthrough in itself. 

With the passage of time, and advent of science, Nano Hydroxyapatite was  developed. Due to its nano-sized particles, Nano Hydroxyapatite offered great  potential in the treatment of hypersensitivity, as its nano-sized particles can be  incorporated inside the dentin tubules. These become sealed and the pain  associated with dental hypersensitivity was reduced and also showed benefits in  healing cavities and reducing tooth decay. 

How does Nano Hydroxyapatite work?

Nano Hydroxyapatite has a strong ability to bond with proteins, as well as  with fragments of plaque and bacteria, when contained in toothpastes. This  is due to the size of the Nano particles. 

Nano Hydroxyapatite remineralizes teeth by refilling lost minerals like  calcium and phosphate.  

It helps to repair teeth damaged by cavities while also preventing cavities by  breaking down the cavities before it reaches the tooth enamel.  

Nano Hydroxyapatite has antimicrobial properties and helps to fight tissue  infections.  

It helps in reversing yellowing of teeth. Makes teeth translucent and glossier. 

Recommendations for using Nano Hydroxyapatite toothpaste 

When using a toothpaste that has Nano Hydroxyapatite, flossing or rinsing with a  mouthwash should not be done immediately after brushing the teeth. This allows  time for the ingredient to penetrate and do its job.  

Nano Hydroxyapatite – one of Dente91’s star ingredients 

Nano Hydroxyapatite acts as a filler and repairs small holes and depressions  on the enamel. 97% of the teeth’s enamel comprises of hydroxyapatite,  making it the building block of your teeth.  

So, rebuilding your teeth with the primary compound that they are  composed of just makes sense.  

Nano Hydroxyapatite, one of Dente91 toothpaste’s hero ingredients is effective in preventing cavities, remineralizing teeth and reducing sensitivity  without any possible side effects. 

Dente91 Toothpaste protects your teeth from the effects of exposure to  acidic food by delivering minerals into the enamel layer and helps in restoring  teeth enamel. 

Nano Hydroxyapatite in Dente91 Toothpaste forms a protective layer over  the teeth that gives protection against hypersensitivity.  


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