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a behaviORAL evolution

Dente91 - A game-changer to your oral care regime. A ‘first-of-its-kind' Oral Care Range in India with the benefits of Nano-HAp and Lactoferrin. These ingredients are unique and powerful where Nano-HAp fights sensitivity and remineralizes teeth while Lactoferrin helps in maintaining oral health in a natural way.

Remineralizes Teeth

Prevents Tooth Decay

Repairs Cavities

Relives Hypersensitivity

Magic Of Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin is a super protein originally present in bovine milk. It is multi-functional with its protective abilities. Due to the antibacterial properties of lactoferrin, it removes bacteria from the plaque biofilm. It also improves the immune functions. Antifungal abilities of lactoferrin helps to stave off fungal infections.




Don't take our word for it

See what other people, prototype testers and supporters told about us.

I ordered this product for trial but it worked like miracle. I use it 2 times daily and it is effective. I would recommend it to everyone.
Shikha Shah


"I simply recommend this mouthwash to all.Keeps the mouth fresh and bad breath away. Doesn't have a burning sensation like other mouth washes."
Aryan Lamba


This was my first time ever using a Lactoferrin toothpaste and I purchased it because the reviews were nice and it isamazing. It is a must buy for healthy teeth.
Devanshi Joshi


The product does what it claims. It does helps in removing of plague if you use it daily. It has a cooling effect and keep mouth freshed and clean.
Shruti Sharma


"Minty flavour gives a cooling effect and the best part is it doesn't contain alcohol."
Chandrakant Chauhan


Keeps mouth fresh and removes bad breath. It's very handy for travelling. Happy with the purchase.
Dhruvi Sinha


I brought this product 2 weeks back. I could see the difference. My breath and mouth feels fresh the whole day. Would definitely purchase it again.
Prashant Kumar


"I've been using this for 4-5 day, so it is hard to tell if it actually works or not. It’s too early to say, but my teeth feel cleaner and brighter than before."
Kruti Trivedi


The packaging of the product is good. The product is nice and cleanses well. It gives cleaner and brighter teeth, smells and taste amazing. All the way a satisfying purchase.
Rohit Suri


I have used Dente91 toothpaste .Its feeeling refreshed mouth by whole day and designs looks good. I refered this to my friends too.
Shanmugasundaram G


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